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This training is perfect for


Student Leaders - SA Pros

(who are frustrated by hearing the same ideas over and over.)



Creativity is a muscle that needs development just like any other muscle in your body. Once you know the best exercises to flex your creative muscle, you’ll be generating genius ideas on a regular basis. If you keep hearing the same ideas over and over again, come to this session and discover five tricks to unlocking you and your team’s creative genius!

Every Participant Will Be Able To:

  • Green CheckThink beyond bake sales and the same programming ideas.

  • Green CheckDiscover a way to integrate creativity building into your daily and weekly meetings.

  • Green CheckLearn five activities to unlock creativity within yourself and others.

  • Green CheckBecome a brainstorming machine!

Because of the interactive nature of the live training, we limited the total number of seats to 100 participants for the live training.


Past Participant Praise


We Are Leaders in Student Engagement


Melissa and Tom are the Lead Facilitators for Swift Kick. Through their work on training campus leaders on how to create a culture of connection, they’ve been awarded “The Best Campus Speaker of the Year” five times by schools nationwide. Their main leadership program, “Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training” helps campus leaders see and understand the challenges and opportunities of engagement on their campus in a new way. Swift Kick also authored six student affairs books including an award winning book “First Year Student to First Year Success.”



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If you want to learn how to stop doing the same old things and ready to kick start your team into a supercharged brainstorming machine, then sign up today to claim your seat.


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