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Be The Voice

Since launching The Student Affairs Collective in 2004, an unfortunate truth we’ve constantly experienced is that situations will come up that test our values and morals. Some moments are smaller unintended offensive comments or actions. Others are massive national issues like a school shooting. The large national Student Affairs governing bodies like NASPA, ACPA, NODA, and ACUI are generally good at quickly publishing an official statement of either condolence or condemnation in regards to tragedies.

Our goal at SAC headquarters is not to be another official governing voice for the Student Affairs community, but rather to continue our core purpose which is to be a peer-to-peer learning platform for every SA Pro to express their own experience with the larger community.

We are a community platform for SA Pros by SA Pros. In times of tragedy, it’s even more important than ever for SAC to be a place where any SA Pro can express their own personal experience, feeling, and/or learning. SAC empowers SA Pros to step up and become the change they want to see. To step up and be the voice they want to hear…without having to wait for a national governing body to take action. To do so, here are four ways SA Pros can use the SAC platform during times of tragedy to take action:

1) Write a post reflecting on your current feelings and experience. Blog posts get shared out to our newsletter and social media outlets.
2) Host your own #SAChat on Twitter that’s specifically related to the tragedy. We’ll help in getting the word out so others know when it’s happening.
3) Suggest someone who’d make for a great podcast guest to highlight the issues surrounding a tragedy.
4) Something else? Maybe you have a unique idea that we can help cultivate into something more. 

We are better together and no one voice in the SAC community represents the entire community, but together, all our voices create the collective consciousness of the Student Affairs world.