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Trust the Journey
When and How to Move for Your Student Affairs Career

Jump into the lessons learned from new and aspiring Student Affairs professionals as they had to physically move away from the place they knew for a new job in a new location. Find someone to relate to in your own journey, or perhaps remind yourself how they are feeling since you became a seasoned professional.




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If you are considering, or in the process of, accepting a student affairs job in a whole new part of the country (or world), and facing the exciting but overwhelming idea of uprooting your life, pick up this insightful read. These stories offer real advice from Student Affairs Professionals who successfully navigated the transition, and who know that making the jump can be absolutely worth it.

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Juhi Bhatt | Vijay Pendakur | Emily Yates | Katie Kidwell | Sasha B. Masoomi | Mike Bowers | Martha Compton | Steven Yeagley | Jamal Myrick | Marci Walton | Joel Perez | Sylvester Gaskin | Cory Davis | Joshua Tepps

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