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 Beginning your Student Affairs Career can be nerve-recking, but also exciting.

Jump into the stories of new and aspiring Student Affairs professionals as they begin their journey. Find someone to relate to in your own journey, or perhaps remind yourself how they are feeling since you became a seasoned professional.



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It is natural that we experience many beginnings in our lifetimes – these beginnings, both exciting and sometimes a little scary, can mean many things for us here in the world of Student Affairs. For us, beginnings can range from a new project or role, all the way to a new institution and home. For this book,, we asked #SAGrads and #SAFirstYears to share a piece of their current journey with us. We asked “If you had the opportunity to talk to SA colleagues – regardless of where they are in their journey – about what you’re experiencing now, what would you say?” Join us as we hear from a diverse community of emerging and new #SAPros – a time to celebrate new beginnings, and continue to support one another as we follow the path of our own journeys.

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Alexandra Fields | Vinicius Vargas | Mandi Stewart | Kristen Vega | Erin Hensley | Mairead Kiernan | Tiffany Firestone | Amy Corron | Doug Tate | Megan Reilly | Melissa Boles | Rebecca Windover | Tramaine Jones | Craig Bidiman | Joann Ho

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