The Student Affairs Collective Scholarship Rules - The Student Affairs Collective

What’s the purpose of the scholarship?

The purpose of the SAC scholarship is to help elevate the successes of Student Affairs Graduates who embody the spirit of the Student Affairs Collective as an online, low-cost peer-to-peer learning community.

What do the recipients receive?

Two Student Affairs Graduate students will receive a scholarship of $240 each to attend a Student Affairs conference at some point in Spring 2017.

Who can apply?

Any current Student Affairs/Higher Ed Graduate student, looking to go to a Student Affairs conference in the spring, may apply for this scholarship. Sorry, no current or former SAC L-Team Members or Swift Kick interns/employees may apply for the scholarship because we love you too much and that just wouldn’t be fair.

What does the time-line look like?

All applications for the first round must be submitted by 9/06/16. The SAC L-Team committee will then review all applications and choose the applicants who will go on to the next round by 9/13/16. Those finalists will have 3 weeks to complete round 2. The winners will be announced during the second week of October.

How must the scholarship prize be used by the winners?

The recipients must use this money to register for a conference in Spring 2017.