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Tracking is Trending: A Survival Guide to Assessment in Student Affairs

Assessment can be scary. Or maybe you love it. Either way, this quick read from a diverse array of student affairs pros who [heart] assessment will add examples, step by steps, and stories to your assessment toolbox.



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Assessment can be a daunting task for any student affairs professional. If you want to know where to begin, what you should know, and why you should know it, sift through this collection of tips and examples from professionals in the field. A simple, quick read, this book will give you the jump-start you’re looking for to be even more amazing at what you do.

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Lucas Schalewski | Lisa Endersby | Gavin Henning | Jeff Kegolis | Maria Marinucci | Kayley Robsham | Joseph Levy | Lesley D’Souza | Kim Irland | Vicki L. Wise | Matthew Cummings | Hallie Crawford | Jeff Burrow | Renee Delgado Riley | Brian Bourke | Troy Murray & Brandon Smith | Gerry Crinnin | Theresa Radley

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