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Leadership Development Experts

We’ve partnered with the team at Swift Kick to offer our community the best campus leadership programs possible. From orientation to graduation, their award winning trainings / keynotes are the perfect way to energize you, your staff, and your students and get everyone thinking about the problem and solution of student engagement in a totally unique way. To learn more, click the link below to visit the Swift Kick site.


Training Topics Include

Recruiting & Retaining Group Members & Officers

Running Effective Meetings

Strategic Planning for Your Team

Who’s Really on Your Team? Better Leadership Through Personality Profiling

The Power of Goal Setting to Breaking Through Barriers

5 Tricks To Unlocking Your Team’s Creative Genius

How To Communicate With Crappy People

Passing The Torch – Effective Club Officer Transition

Breaking The Ice on Ice Breakers

Turning Faces into Friends to Grow Your Network

How To Manage Your State While Walking on Fire

Event Planning on the Cheap

Creating the Perfect Leadership Retreat

6 Secrets to Successfully Fundraise Using Social Media

Leveraging Social Media to Score your Dream Job

5 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Environment for Your Student Event

Leveraging Social Media for Increased Student Engagement

The Art Of Cat Herding…How To Be A Great Org Advisor

Surviving the Dreaded Student Affairs Burnout Factor